Interview with Nic Fanciulli

Interview with Nic Fanciulli


February 20th, 2014


We caught up with Nic Fanciulli before his visit at Culture Box on 19th January.


Hey Nic! Thanks for taking time out to talk to us. You seem to be busier than ever with lots of traveling and gigs across the globe. What were your favourite gigs recently and what countries surprised you?

Weve had a few really good gigs recently. Last month I went to The Tube in Serbia. Its now one of my favourite venues in Europe and the crowd were fantastic. Normally Im in Serbia for Exit Festival so it was a nice change. On New Years day I played in a warehouse in Brooklyn with Luciano – that was such a good gig for New York. The crowd were amazing and Im sure most of them had been up all night – we played until 5pm! Weve just left BPM festival in Mexico where I played with my hero Carl Cox. I love outdoor parties so that was a highlight for me.


Your label Saved Records also seems to be going from strength to strength and has grown rapidly over the last few years. What are the plans for 2013 and whats in store for us?

In 2013 Saved will have its 100th release which is a real achievement. So we will try and do something special for that. We will also look to throw some special Saved 100 parties with guests who have been on and supported the label.


Speaking of releases… What about your own production? Have you had time for the studio lately and what tracks and remixes are lined up for release?

Ive just done a remix for my good friend Adam Beyer which will be released on Drumcode. Ive also just done a remix for DFA records. January and February is my designated time to focus on the studio so well see what I can come up with!


Do you think we will see any big changes in the music style this year and if so what trends do you expect to be big?

I feel that musicality is coming back into music much more. Its been quite dubby the last few years so I think musicality will make its comeback into electronic dance music this year.


Recently you were voted into the top 100 DJs at Resident Advisor. Is that something that means anything to you and whats your opinion of these online polls these days?

I get asked that a lot – you cant judge dance music by polls or charts – but its also nice to be recognised by your fans. Its also interesting to see how differently you are ranked in different polls – I guess in many ways the polls reflect the audience rather than the DJs.


You’ve played a lot of b2b sets with guys like Joris Voorn, James Zabiela, Loco Dice and recently with Seth Troxler on the Sonar Tour we’ve been told. Please tell us a bit about that and why you seem to choose b2b sets quite often?

B2b sets allow you to play off each other. It takes the music on a different route and you push each other to step up your game. All the people I play b2b with I have a good personal connection with which I think is important.


What do you do in your spare time if any?

Every bit of spare time I get I spend with my family. Its nice coming back home and being normal. I still live in the same town I grew up in with all my friends around me. I think its important to keep a balanced lifestyle.


Do you have any bad habits you would like to tell us about?

Smoking. Disgusting.


One last thing we still dont know about Nic Fanciulli?

I love to cook. But Im Italian so maybe thats obvious?


To round it off… Its your second time playing for What Happens at Culture Box. What do you think about the night, the club and what are your expectations this time?

Culture Box is one of my favourite clubs in Europe. It has a perfect size room for my sound and the Copenhagen crowd are always willing to listen to new music and have a great time. I expect a good night!

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