Interview with Mihai Popoviciu

Interview with Mihai Popoviciu


February 15th, 2016


We are slowly gearing up for our party this Saturday 20th February with Mihai Popoviciu being our special guest. He has been one of our favourite producers for quite a while and on top of that he’s a great DJ as well. The Romanian got interviewed by our main man Tim Andresen a few days ago. Here’s what he had to say

Thanks for taking some time out for this interview. How are you?

You are welcome! At the moment i am at home, preparing some new music for the upcoming weekend.

Please tell our followers who you are and where you’re from?

I am a dj and producer coming from Sibiu, Romania.

When did you start DJing and what or who got you into this?

I guess that I started like most of other DJs, being passionate about electronic music and turning this hobby into a full time job at some point when things became more serious.

What kind of records will make it into your sets? Is there any specific things you look for when selecting what to play at a gig?

First of all the track has to be very well produced, to have a good mixdown and a good mastering. Then of course it is a matter of my personal taste. In general I like it groovy and sexy.

How would you describe the sound you play with your own words?

I play music ranging from the house to the techno spectrum. Sometimes it can be deeper and hypnotic or straight forward but always functional on the dancefloor.

Please describe the perfect gig for us?

There are three key elements that define a good party in my opinion: the location, the soundsystem and the crowd. I love outdoor parties because it gives them a different and special feel so my perfect gig would be somewhere in a summerish outdoor location with a massive sound system and a cool crowd of around 400 people.

So when did you start to turn your attention to the productions?

It was 2001. Actually I started to produce music before I took up DJing. At that time in Romania the electronic music scene was almost non existant so it was very hard to be a DJ, very few people knew about this kind of music.

Please talk us through some of the most important production gear you are using?

My music work station from home is very stripped down. I don’t use any hardware gear in my production. I rely entirely on VST instruments and samples put together in the Ableton platform.

Of all the many tracks you’ve done, which one is your favorite and which one has done the most for your career?

This is a hard question! It is impossible for me to pick a favourite because each track comes from a different time of my career and each of them have a different impact. On the other hand there are some tracks that pushed me forward like Bis.Co, Transitions Bootleg or the releases on Poker Flat Recordings.

You have done numerous collaborations with other producers. Is that something you prefer or is it better for you to work solo these days and why?

I like doing both. Collaborations don’t happen too often these days because of objective reasons like time and distance. However when they happen I always enjoy it because it’s good fun and something different from the solo producing routine. You always have something to learn from your production partner.

You created your own label Cyclic Records. What is the idea and the goal for that?

Cyclic Records is a platform for releasing music that I like. Most of the releases on the label are from less known but talented artists from all over the world. I like the idea of giving the opportunity to an unknown producer to release his music on my label. If I like the music I don’t care who the producer is, I release it. Cyclic Records is also the label behind the Cyclic party brand in Romania.

We noticed there’s an endless list of production talents coming out of Romania. Is there any logical explanation for this?

I think this is because the whole clubbing scene in Romania has evolved a lot during the last years especially in Bucharest. We still have relaxed laws regarding clubbing, like open hours and smoking inside, so in this context the rise of many local producers was a natural process.

Do you like where things are heading today or do you miss anything from the good old days?

In my opinion every generation has its own “good old days”. It is not the things that change, we change. We become older and more selective about what we like and don’t like.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love cooking and I play football with my friends whenever i have the chance to and I am not on tour.

Any funny secrets we still haven’t heard about you?

I never check in any luggage whenever I fly, even when I am away for a longer time, I try to fly as light as possible to avoid loosing luggage.

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