Interview with Jon Sweetname

Interview with Jon Sweetname


March 28th, 2014


We teamed up with Jon Sweetname to get his own words on his new EP and an idea of who he is and where he gets his inspiration from.


For those who don’t know you, could you please describe yourself?

I define myself as a lover of music and especially house music. My goal is to make music with soul and to transmit energy. I also like to fuse electronic music with all other kinds of music.


What is your first memory of music?

The first thing I remember is playing with a friend and make small music pieces mixed with songs and jingles at a small tape recorder.


When and where did the interest for DJing and production come from?

My interest in DJing started around 2000 in a small pub in my town where a DJ played all the music I liked. Shortly after I decided to buy my first vinyl. The production interest started in 1999 and came from a video game for Play Station called Music. After that I bought a computer and I made a small production workshop and started with a very simple sequencer to create my tiny collection of samples.


Do you see yourself more as a producer or a DJ and what do you get most pleasure from?

I enjoy both a lot but perhaps I’m more into the studio things where you get that rhythm and great bass and make a tune you can’t stop listening to while thinking this will be the bomb!


We just released your new “Save Our Soul EP” that is getting thumbs up from the likes of Bushwacka, Dubfire and Spiritchaser to name a few. Please talk us through the music.

The EP reflects the sound I like and search for. Save Our Souls is a deep underground track with a touch of darkness. I love it. Finis Terrae is a hypnotic rhythm with a deep voice. Shunut is dominated by an elegant piano melody and deep atmosphere. All together it forms a fairly complete release I think.


What is the proudest moment of your career so far?

Of course the day that Tim invited me to a party at Culture Box. It was my first international gig and was a great experience.


Does living in Barcelona have any influence on the music you are making or where do you get inspiration from?

Barcelona’s influence comes from the warm weather and it brings me the soft and deep rhythms, especially in summer of course. People who have also influenced me are artists like Depeche Mode, Danny Tenaglia , Chus & Ceballos and Deep Dish among others.


How would you describe the club scene in Barcelona at the moment?

Honestly, I’m now a bit out of the Barcelona club scene because I’m the father of two daughters but in general there are many clubs that bring great artists. There is also a scene which is too commercial for my taste but there’s still that very small scene that grows deep in summer.


What are your future plans and where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Firstly, I would like to dedicate myself exclusively to music. I would also like to follow an upward line as to the quality of my music and reach major labels and maybe I will setup my own label.


Is there a secret you haven’t yet told us about and want to share with us? 

There is only one kind of music I can not stand, reggaeton. I really can’t stand it.

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