Interview with Dilby

Interview with Dilby


September 4th, 2014


Following his new “Don’t Leave Me” release on our label, Dilby jets in to join our party at Culture Box in Copenhagen on Saturday 20th September. We got in touch with him for a short chat about his life and career.


Dylan, thanks for taking the time to speak with us today. You are born and bred in New Zealand. Please tell us how and when you got into the music?

As a teenager I was really not interested in house music. I was skateboarding and collecting and listening to a lot of hip hop. A couple of friends had decks and I used to buy some vinyl and mess about but never really got the DJ bug, I just loved the music. In my late teenage years I started going to a NYE rave festival in New Zealand called The Gathering. It was close to my home town and all my friends were going so I did too and it introduced me to all types of electronic music; house to hardcore to trance to drum n bass. This is where I first developed my passion for house music and later, around 2001, I started collecting vinyl and DJing with the help and guidance of a good friend.

You moved from New Zealand to Berlin. What was the reason for that?

New Zealand has a small population and very removed from the rest of the world. It has a really cool scene but it is very small. I moved to Berlin to be part of the international music scene and it was one of the best decisions I ever made!

The club scene in Berlin is famous and well documented but please guide us to what you think are the best clubs outside the obvious tourist places we always hear about?

Hmmm, I might get in trouble for sharing too many locals secrets! My favorite club in Berlin is Sisyphos. I love to play there, love to party there and have met some really great friends while hanging there. The new Techno dungeon Bertrams is also pretty dope. It is in the cellar from the well established club Loftus Hall and it is about 10 minutes walk from my house on the border of Kreuzberg and Neuk├Âlln. My best advice is to come and explore for yourself.

What makes the club scene in Berlin so special?

The people of course! Everyone is open minded, unpretentious and there for the same thing; to celebrate life and music!

How will you describe your own music?

I have a wide range of influences and play a variety of styles within the house spectrum so I can’t say just “Deep House” or just “Tech House” or give it some other name tag. I come from the background that a DJ is an entertainer and that is the mentality I take with me to the booth. I try to play for the crowd and select the right music for the location and the situation. Of course I stand behind and love the music I play, so I have great time too!

Recently you have released on many great labels including Bondage Music, Mother Recordings, Beef Records and UM Records. What record are you most proud of and why?

I have been super lucky to have had the support of a lot of great labels and am very grateful to the people running them to have invested time, money and support in my music. It’s hard to pick a favorite track or release, I love all my babies :)

Apart from your new “Don’t Leave Me” release on What Happens, what other tracks or remixes do you have in the pipeline?

Well I work on music full time so I always have something coming up! I recently did a remix for El Mundo on Bondage Music which will come out soon on his new EP. There is also a remix from Dynamic’s NTFO & Karmon on there so I was feeling the pressure to do something special a little bit on that one. I am also working on new EP’s for Mother Recordings and Bondage Music as well as a few other projects. I am doing a bunch of collaborations with my homie Nhan Solo but I can’t say too much about them other than some very exciting things are underway. Watch this space.

Do you see yourself as a DJ or a producer and what come 1st for you?

Both I guess. I love DJing and I love creating something in the studio. I am very lucky to be able to spend my time between two of my passions.

It’s your first time playing for What Happens at Culture Box in Copenhagen. Have you heard about the night or the club and what are your expectations?

Well my understanding is that Culture Box is the number one club in Copenhagen. All of the DJ’s I talked to about it said it is an amazing club to play so I am super excited to get there and start rocking! This will be my second time to Copenhagen and last time I played the crowd were really open and excited about the music and that is something very special. I really love Copenhagen as a city. It is very beautiful and the people are so friendly so I’m very excited about visiting again.

What is your current DJ set-up and why have you chosen this over everything else available in today’s market?

CDJ 2000 and USB. Of course I started on vinyl but eventually switched to Traktor with timecode control for the technological advantages it offered. But you simply can’t beat the convenience of carrying all of your music on a USB stick and now with the upgrade to the Rekordbox software it is even easier to organise your music.

What are you up to when not being in the studio or DJing in clubs?

Nothing too crazy to honest. It’s important to find balance when your “work” is in clubs at night. I just hang out with my amazing friends and my beautiful wife and try to enjoy what life has to offer.

Do you have any bad habits you want to share with us?

I’m kind of addicted to finding the best cheese burger. Berlin is not so famous for this style of food but there are so many great burger joints. I’m sure you can impress me with a great burger in Copenhagen though!

Is there something we still don’t know about you?

Nope, that just about covers it ;)

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