V/A – What Happens In The Deep Vol 2 [WHHA086]

With a fine selection of quality producers including the likes of Tim Andresen, Alvaro Hylander, Stanny Abram, Moti Brothers, Jon Sweetname and many more, we bring you a collection of deep sounds for the dance floors.

1. Alvaro Hylander – Dark Life
2. Moti Brothers – Hermit (Manuel Belgranos Overdose Mix)
3. Tim Andresen – Away (Scott Harringtons Savoir Faire Dub)
4. Tim Andresen – Do It
5. Jon Sweetname – Proyecto Diez
6. Trevor O Neil – Platform
7. Old Fashioned – Wasteland (I Forgot It In You)
8. Thomas Dieckmann – No Beggin
9. Thanos T – Your Face
10. Ricardo Espino – Oh Yeah!
11. Stanny Abram – Kunta-Kinte
12. Lloyd Trimmer – Red Sky At Night