V/A – What Happens In The Deep Vol 3 [WHHA097]

This is What Happens In The Deep Vol 3 featuring tracks and remixes from quality producers including Tim Andresen, City Soul Project, James Dutton, Alvaro Hylander, QMUSSE, Big Al & Rishi K. and many more. It captures the deepest sounds of the dance floors and is brought to you in a DJ friendly unmixed format. Carefully chosen to please true lovers of house music.

1. Tim Andresen – Lonely House [City Soul Project Remix]
2. James Dutton – Kahlua [Alvaro Hylander Remix]
3. Jon Sweetname – Finis Terrae
4. Danny Hartley – Suffy’s Poem
5. Professional Losers – Crazy Sexy Hypnotic [Tim Andresen Remix]
6. QMUSSE – Tori
7. Big Al & Rishi K. – Space Queen
8. Marco Grandi – House Of Love
9. Tim Andresen – Me
10. Davide Bianchetti – Getting Hold
11. Da Lukas, Scalambrin & Sgarro – Deep Down [Club Mix]
12. Trevor O’Neil – Your Choice
13. Dilby – Don’t Leave Me [Tim Andresen Remix]