Interview with James Dutton

Interview with James Dutton


February 20th, 2014


We had James Dutton in the hot seat ahead of his Culture Box gig on Saturday 15th February 2014.


Hi James. Thanks for talking to us. Please describe with your own words… Who is James Dutton?

James Dutton is a NASA Astronaut from Oregon, US. Unfortunately, I am not. Im just a house DJ and producer who currently resides in Liverpool.


You just made the excellent “Kahlua” track which is now available on Beatport and quickly picking up attention from DJs across the board. Why “Kahlua” and is there a special story behind the track?

I named it Kahlua as I was exposed to the world of the Black Russian cocktail last summer, and I remixed it with the Black Box in Culture Box, Denmark in mind. It was nice to hear its been dubbed the Black Box anthem now too!


What are you working on at the moment?

The past few months have been very busy with gigs so its nice to be back in the studio for a month or two. I’m working on some original material, some collaborations and planning the months ahead.


I saw you were warming up for Sebastian Ingrosso at Brixton Academy recently. How did that gig come up and how did it go?

I know it seems strange that a tech house DJ would warm up for Sebastian. I had a great response playing house music to five thousand people who are probably rarely exposed to music from the likes of Sidney Charles, Mihai Popovicui and the like. I think the current EDM style has plateaued and the fan base is looking for alternatives. Whichever way people think about that its going to mean our scene could become very healthy.


Knowing you are also resident DJ at Amnesia, is a gig in London to be compared with playing one of the super clubs in Ibiza?

Weirdly, no. There is something about Ibiza clubs, and not just the super clubs which gives it a special atmosphere. I cant put my finger on it. I am yet to play anywhere in the world which compares to the energy of Amnesia and the Space terrace on their nights.


Is Ibiza still the clubbing capital and home for dance music?

I may be biased as I have lived there for six summers, but like I mentioned there is an energy on the island which you cant compare to anywhere else. There is something special about dancing around on a Balearic island with people from all over the world, listening to the worlds best DJs every night. There are places popping up all the time which people call The new Ibiza but they never last – there is too much history in Ibiza.


Favorite restaurant, beach and chill spot on the white isle?

Sa Capella, Benirras or Playa Illetes on Formentera.


What are you up to when you have a day off from music?

I like to sit in my office chair with a bucket on my head and spin around really fast and pretend I am better than the other James Dutton.

Any secrets you haven’t told us about yet?

I am a Molluscophobe.


Last but not least… You are playing for us at Culture Box in Copenhagen on Sat 15th Feb. What can we expect that day?

Music and dancing will be the order of the day. Very much looking forward to it!

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