Interview with Dirt Crew (Break 3000)

Interview with Dirt Crew (Break 3000)


February 20th, 2014


We sat down with Break3000 of Dirt Crew fame ahead of his visit at Culture Box for our monthly night What Happens.


Hey Peter. Hope youre well and thanks for taking some time out to talk to us. Please let us know how and when you got involved in the scene?

That was way back in 1988 I think. I was really into the whole Manchester scene back then with bands like 808 State, Happy Mondays, Primal Scream etc. So the first real house party I  was at was after a show of 808 State when a DJ played a great set. From there on I really got into it and especially the Belgian New Beat scene got me going to the first parties and clubs like Boccacio and La Rocca. So I am very happy to have seen the early beginnings of the whole thing, and also the first great parties at Roxy in Amsterdam. I am from the south of Holland and I used to drive up each weekend to party in Amsterdam.


Tell us about your production career… How it all started, your different aliases etc.? 

I started DJing in a small bar in my hometown Maastricht around 91-92. I did the whole evening and it went from rock to house to techno. That was where I really learned to be a DJ. I also produced my first music together with a friend around that time. My first record is from 92 as Amazone and after that I started doing music as Break 3000, mostly trip hop, electro and drum n bass (thats where the name came from). The first Break 3000 things were released in 99/2000. After doing a lot of electro it slowly changed into more old school house and in 2003 I started with Dirt Crew together with James Flavour from Berlin. The rest is history.


Speaking of music, what things can we expect from you in the months to come? 

At the moment we stopped doing own remixes and productions as Dirt Crew. I am fully concentrating on the label and this is going so so well! We just started to do vinyl again after a 2-year stop and the last vinyl of Detroit Swindle already sold 1000 copies which is amazing these days! There is a lot of other new and good stuff coming up on Dirt Crew and I am really excited about this! The success of Detroit Swindle is the best that has happened to my label. We will do great releases this year by Urulu & Steve Huerta, Chymera, Waze & Odessey, Purple Velvet, Till von Sein & Tigerskin, Zoo Look and the first full album by Tigerskin later this year!


As far as we’ve been told, you have quite a strong relationship with vinyls. You also work as a label manager for a well-established digital distributor. How do you see these things and whats the future for the music industry? Everyone seems to complain about lack of sales and illegal downloads these days? Where will it go from here? 

I know as much as everybody else… To be honest I really dont know. Streaming will become more important and thank god vinyl sales are really picking up again so thats great! I still also think more people will stop downloading illegally because of Spotify etc. so thats good news. But I will have to wait and see. At the moment my own label is doing great, we sell more music than lets say 5 years ago…


How do you describe the music style you play in your sets? 

Eclectic. I play everything from disco to techno really but mostly its proper deep house.


Being a busy DJ with lots of touring, have you played anywhere exciting recently and what is your favourite club to play? 

Luckily enough I have played at so many cool places its hard to pick just one. I am really looking forward to my little Asia tour coming up in March. I will go to Manila, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Osaka. I have been to Japan twice already and it is always great! Best club for me is Salon zur Wilden Renate in Berlin and Panorama Bar of course.


What has been the proudest moment in career? 

So many! But I am really proud about the first Dirt Crew hit Rok da House that was our breakthrough record and also the remix for Sasses Soul Soundss. These are the two biggest records I produced.


To get a rest from the music industry, what do you do and how do you relax? 

Watch TV and sleep a lot! I really like to go out for dinner with friends. When Im off I rarely go to a club.


Any secret you still havent told us about? 

Yes – but its a secret. Haha.


One last question to round it all off… I know youve been to Denmark on several occasions and also visited Culture Box in the past. What are the expectations this time when playing for the What Happens team?

I think its going to be a really great night! I have a lot of new fans and friends in Copenhagen, so I think a lot of people will come down on Saturday.

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